Best Web Designing Practices in Ambala


Want to be a professional web designer? Stiffen Technologies have come up with the best web designing course in Ambala

Our web designing training course is open for everyone, no matter whether you are beginner or professional. So, get set go, improve your designing skills by joining the best IT company and web designing training institute in Ambala. 

Getting a professional web designer certificate, spending time and money on the course is not enough. Having knowledge of the responsive web designing practices also matters a lot. In this post, we’re going to cover top most web designing practices to keep in mind. Let’s begin.

Micro Interactions

Micro interactions are variables that allow users to interact with a page without loading it again.

One of the best examples of this is Facebook’s “reactions”. You might be aware of it, don’t you? You might have reacted to posts with heart, smiley, angry, and sad emojis to indicate your emotions toward a post.

Micro interactions have become popular and we expect to see them keep growing in the future.


The term “Typography” is the art of arranging written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. It also involves font style, appearance, and structure. For example, a desktop or a laptop version of a page may use Helvetica 24 pt., but a mobile version of the page could use a smaller type of Arial or any.

After joining our website design training institute, you will be able to create responsive typefaces – establish a strong visual hierarchy and provide a graphic balance to your website.

Have Knowledge of Mobile

Yes, you read it right. Having a mobile knowledge is also an important step in the field of web designing. 

The web traffic these days is coming more from mobile devices.

The usage of applications and user experience are very important in the field of web designing. But there is a difference between having a responsive app having a responsive website.

However, as a web designer you will find yourself working on them very soon. Make sure to separate the concepts of websites and apps in your mind.

With us, the best web designing institute in Ambala, you will get to know about the latest concepts of web designing.

Innovate on Grid Designs and Color Wheel

A grid is a structure that is made up of a series of intersecting straight or curved lines. Whereas, a color wheel supposed to be an abstract illustrative of color hues around a circle that indicates a relation between primary, secondary, and tertiary colours.

So, don’t curse the year 2020. Take this as a blessing. Make good use of grid designs and color wheel with us. But first of all, you need to learn them with the best industrial training for website design. So, stop thinking much! Join our institute and give your web designing skills a boost.

This is not the end. Web designing practices are still a lot more to learn. Interact with us and design the website of your dreams with micro interactions, typography, grid designs, colors of wheel, etc.

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