Evolving my gaming for the better with ap device setup

Being a gamer and not having a good internet connection can make one’s life a living hell. I was a good gamer but not quite an established one. I had a lot of people watching me online but never a good number, enough to prove that I was worthy of being an online gaming sensation. It was not that I lacked skill sets or was bad at what I did. Online gaming requires a really good connection to play even when you are not an online streamer. Being a streamer for online gaming, you would need the best of the connection available out there. I had a wireless router but it was far away from my room. Yes as you might have guessed, I am not filthy rich and do not possess a very supportive family. 

Now, because everyone in the house needs the internet I cannot try and bring the router closer to my room. This will annoy the other members of the family who have an equal share on the internet. That is when the idea of wireless router range extenders struck me. I could easily afford one of them and set them up in my room. This would allow me to have a really good connection as well as create no trouble. I went for it.

Setting up the wireless router

As I was really excited to use it for the first time, I did not want to waste time setting it up with long procedures. Therefore I went in for the setup available on the http://ap.setup link. All I needed to do was take out my extender and connect it to my personal computer with an Ethernet cable. This would ensure a good connection during the setup. I was not to allow anyone or anything to sabotage the procedure. I went ahead and checked the connection. Then I opened up the browser and typed in the link http://ap.setup login. Though I could have also used the IP, I went with the link because I found it more convenient. Once on the setup page, I quickly followed the website UI to setup my extender. Then I brought it out and plugged it into a socket into my room. Boom, it instantly connected to my router and extended the signal is an amazing way. The strength of the signal of my WiFi had never been this good in my room. I was delighted and hopped onto a few online games.

Resetting the extender and firmware upgrades

The ap.setup/admin can also be used to reset your extender to its factory settings. You will be able to find the reset to factory settings option and pressing it will start a procedure to reset it back. Once it is done you can use the same link to set it up all over again. This helps solve a lot of minor issues and also replenishes the extender and brings it back to the position it was in when it was brand new.

Coming down to firmware upgrades

These are really important files that need to be downloaded and installed for the premium functioning of the extender. You can go to ap.setup/admin and find the option to check for firmware upgrades. You will see a list of upgrades whenever available and can instantly download and install them with the press of a button. The firmware updates need to be regularly installed. This way you can be sure that your extender will be having no issues and will provide you with premium connectivity all the time without any hindrances.

Post setup gaming experience

After I setup the extender, my gameplay increased in quality manifold times. I was on my way to becoming a true professional. All the lag I faced in the days before just vanished. The extender was a boon in my life and I was grateful for it. The streams started to gain a lot more viewers than they used to before. Thanks to the extender, my growth in the gaming world has been tremendous. Also a quick mention of the ap.setup for the easy setup mechanism. A great and useful product.

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