How To decorate The House with interior decoration


Is it necessary to spend big bucks every time to decorate the house? If we do not ask you, then you may not be sure, but if you want, you can give a new look  to your home with old and useless items. It is  not possible to buy something new every time in rising inflation. In such a situation, these measures can prove very effective for you. For this, first take a good look at the house so that you know what are the things that you can use in your house. Who can decorate your dream house better than you. If you want to decorate your home in your own way, then you can adopt some simple rules. When you decorate it, then its feeling will be different and you will also get satisfaction. You can give a new look to the interior of the house by following some of the rules given here. 

First rule 

There are many ways of interior decoration, but the home decoration should be tailored to your liking. The first rule is that you should show your image / personality in the house. Always keep in mind that the house  belongs to you and not the guests. Prioritize your convenience, get opinions from others, but  treat them as much as you need. 

Second rule

Do not decorate the house in a hurry. Think first of what and what kind of goods you need. Check your budget on which areas you can spend more and less.

Third rule 

Keep most things according to 90 degree angles such as rugs, tables, chairs, and pictures etc. There is a special way to decorate the room corner can be soft or if you do not want a sharp corner then you can also do some combination of circular things. A round coffee table or rug can make your room more attractive. 

Fourth rule 

Do not go to the store and buy everything set. It will feel as if you have done everything in one day. He will look messy and scattered. Blending is much better. You have to pay attention to the combination. Pay attention to which things will look good and how. For example, create a combination of furniture and accessories with room colors. Do not keep everything matching. This will be possible only when things are collected from different places.

Fifth rule

It is very important to have the right amount of light in the house. According to the size and need of each room, put light and light lights there. Where only rest, apply light and soothing eyes. But where some do the work of reading and writing, then there should be such a light that the eyes do not get stressed.

Japanese inspired living room design ideas

Japanese homes bring nature inside through large, expansive windows that allow a view of nature from every angle. Japanese homes are usually decorated in natural colors, which are derived from the browns of wooden elements, and the greens of plants. Grey and neutrals are widely used everywhere in the rooms , so the result is a calming, soothing modern space. 

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