What is Giloy? Is it beneficial for us in daily life



Giloy has a multivariate vine. Its leaves are like betel leaves. In Ayurveda it is Known by many names like Amrita, Guduchi, Chinnaruha, Chakrangi, etc. Its name is Amrita because it is multi-year and has similar properties to nectar. Giloy is one such miracle plant, which proves to be a medicine for all types of merge. How does Giloy relieve human life from all kinds of diseases and get rid of diseases. Giloy is a medicine that is considered as a plant like nectar. From the ayurvedic point of view, it is considered as the best medicine to cure diseases. It gives man strength to fight against any kind of disease. One of the best features of Giloy is that whatever tree it climbs on, it carries its quality within. Giloy mounted on neem is considered the best. 

Benefits of Giloy :

Giloy leaves are astringent, bitter and pungent in test. Vata -bile and phlegm can be cured by using Giloy. You can use Giloy to benefit from thirst, burning sensation, diabetes, leprosy and jaundice. In addition, it increases semen and intelligence and is also used in fever, vomiting, dry cough, hiccups, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, urinary disease. It provides a lot of benefits in case of physical weakness of women. 

Benefit for diabetes :

According to experts, Giloy acts as a hypoglycemic agent and plays an effective role in controlling type-2 diabetes. Giloy juice lowers blood sugar levels, increases insulin secretion and lowers insulin resistance. In this way, It is a very useful medicine for diabetes patients.

Consumption of Giloy is the most common form of home remedy to avoid dengue. During dengue, the patient starts having high fever. The antipyretic properties present in Giloy cures fever quickly and also acts as an immunity booster which helps in quick relief from dengue. 

If you are troubled by digestive problems such as constipation, acidity or indigestion, Giloy can prove to be very beneficial for us. Decoction of Giloy keeps many Stomach diseases away. Therefore, to get rid of constipation and indigestion, consume Giloy Daily. 

If your cough has not been cured for several days, it may be beneficial to take Giloy. Because of its antiallergic properties, Giloy provides quick relief from cough. Take Giloy’s decoction to cure cough. 

Giloy is also helpful in removing skin diseases and allergies. In urticaria, skin rashes or nail pimples on the face, giloy helps to cure them all. 

Grind 1-1 gram honey and rock salt in 10 ml giloy juice and grind it very well. Apply it in the eyes like mascara. It cures dark sores, pricks, and black and white cataract diseases. 


Giloy called in different languages :

Giloy in hindi - guduchi, giloy, amrita

English -  indian tinospora, heart leaved tinospora, moon seed gancha tinospora.

Bengali - gulancha, palo gandcha, giloe.

Sanskrit - vatsadani, chinnaruha, guduchi, tarika, amrita, amritavalli, bhishkapriya.

Oriya - gulancha, gulochi

Kannada- amrutavalli, amritavalli, madhuparni.

Goa - amrytbel.

Tamil - amridavalli, shindikodi.

Telugu - tippatige, amrita, guduchi. 

Nepali - gurjo.

Panjabi - Garham, palo.

Marathi - gulavel, ambarvel.

Malayalam - amritu, chittamritu.

Arabic - gilo.

Perdian - 

Gulbel, giloe.

Gujarati - gulvel, galo.

Giloy side effects : 

By reading giloy benefits, if you think that only benefits are there from giloy then it is not so. If you consume more then giloy than necessary, you may also have to face the disadvantages of giloy. Let us know what are giloy side effects and under what circumstances should giloy not be consumed. 

Risk of autoimmune diseases :

Consumption of giloy strengthens the immunity power of the body, but sometimes due to more active diseases increases. That is why patients suffering from auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis etc. Are advised to avoid giloy.

Low blood pressure:  

Those who are already low blood pressure patients should avoid the consumption of  giloy as giloy also reduces blood pressure. This can worsen the patient’s condition. Similarly, Giloy should not be consumed in any form before any surgery as it reduces blood pressure which can increase the difficulties during surgery. 

Pregnancy :

Pregnant and lactating women are also advised to avoid giloy. Although there is no evidence of loss of giloy during pregnancy without consulting a doctor. 

Now you are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of giloy. So start regular consumption of giloy according to your need. Always keep in mind that always consume only a limited amount of giloy juice or giloy juice. Although giloy disadvantages is seen in very few people, if you have any problem, then immediately inform the nearest doctor. 

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