Here is the aloe vera benefits with 5 side effects

At this time the trend of aloe vera as medicine and beauty products has increased, but this medicine and its unique benefits are much older. Aloe vera, also known as ghritkumari or gwarpatha, is the surest remedy for many health and beauty problems..

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera plant, which looks like thorns and has many characteristics, is found in hot and dry areas. The aloe vera plant is used to make gels and to make late ( a type of vegetable milk). Gels are formed from the fluid that comes out when its leaves are cut from the middle, while latex is obtained from the cells just below the leaf skin.

Aloe vera, rich in many medicinal properties, is also used in the manufacturer of many medicines. It can also be eaten directly as a medicine. It is also used as a treatment in many skin related problems. Some people also use aloe vera for weight loss, diabetes, hepatitis, intestinal inflammation, osteoarthritis, stomach ulcers, asthma, skin lesions, fever, itching and swelling. 

A recent research on aloe vera has revealed that the chemical found in it can also be very helpful in the problem of HIV (AIDS). In some places aloe vera is used  to control high cholesterol. 

How does aloe vera work? 

The rules related to the use of herbal supplements are not strict as the rules of english medicine. The rules related to their utility and safety still need further research. It is important to compare its advantages and disadvantages before using this herbal supplement. Contact any herbal specialist or ayurvedic doctor for more information about this.

Aloe vera gel is beneficial for many for the  skin and is used as a treatment for many skin related problems. It is also effective for relieving diseases like psoriasis on the skin.

Research on aloe vera has revealed that it contains some components, which can be harmful for certain types of bacteria and fungi. There are some chemicals on aloe vera latex which act as a laxative. 

Aloe vera can be consumed in many ways. You can use its gel directly or many people drink it by making juice. There is no doubt that there are millions of benefits of aloe vera, but do you know that it can have its side effects? Overuse of aloe vera can harm health.

Let's know about the 5 side effects of aloe vera :

Skin allergy

Many times overuse of aloe vera gel can cause skin red or it is rash and itching. Although aloe vera is considered beneficial for the skin, excessive use can have a bad effect on the skin.


Many people use aloe vera gel to lose weight. It also helps in weight loss to a great extent but its high intake can also cause harm. Due to its excessive use, there is also a shortage of water in the body.

Harmful to pregnant women 

The lactating property present in aloe vera can be harmful for pregnant women. Their consumption can  cause their uterus to shrink. 

Blood pressure level 

Constant intake of aloe vera reduces blood pressure. This is undoubtedly good for people suffering from high BP, but it can cause problems for people suffering from low blood pressure. 


While taking aloe vera, keep in mind that use it only in regular amounts. Continuous drinking of its juice can reduce the amount of potassium in the body, due to which the heartbeat becomes irregular and the body may become weak. 

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