Easiness in Online Classes and Going Through News Reports Because of The Asus Repeater

Communication is the key to everything, that’s what I have believed throughout my life. Being a high school teacher by profession, I need to keep myself updated with the outside world. I need to communicate and build a friendly feeling in the minds of my students before making them follow my instructions. Like for example, today we had a conversation on Natalie Desselle Reid’s sudden death due to cancer and what a misfortune it was to lose her. After a short conversation, I usually start my class. It keeps the students interested and helps them going during the long tedious online classes. So, the internet has been my go-to source of help every day. I need a fast internet connection even during online classes and assignments. Everything has been possible only because I purchased the Asus repeater just on time. My bedroom, as well as the study room, falls in a dead zone and thus I always had to struggle with the internet connection. 

My Wi-Fi router was just not enough for a seamless internet connection and I was not sure if I was ready to invest in a repeater as well. However, after giving it a long hard thought, I logged into Amazon and ordered the Asus RP-AC56 Wireless dual-band Repeater. The Asus RP-AC55 wireless repeaters come with many different operation modes and features for you to use. It boosts and enhances my Wi-Fi network to nearly five times, and all thanks to the two external antennas present on the Repeater. It also comes with a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port for an even better connectivity and experience. I have got eight devices connected to the Router and because two external antennas support MIMO, the connectivity is still at its best. I am totally satisfied with my purchase and will surely recommend anyone searching for a cost-effective way of expanding the Wi-Fi connection in your house or office room, to go for this one.

Performance of The Asus Repeater

The Asus repeater has got two modes, the Access Point Mode and the Repeater Mode. On repeater mode, you can get around 150Mbps speed even if the router is placed as far as two walls apart i.e. in the second room. Thus the performance is pretty good in comparison to other Repeaters in this price range. Even in the Access point mode, the performance was pretty decent and the speed of the wireless repeater was impressive in both short distance as well as long distance. The repeater can be easily configured using the web interface of the Asus repeater setup page or you can also download the Asus Repeater app which is available for both Android and iOS systems. It had been easier for me when I used the app to set up my Asus RP-AC55 Wireless Repeater as the app is really user friendly and is easier to understand as per my experience. 

However, you can also go for the web interface into the repeater.asus.com login page and then get your Repeater configured. The Asus Repeater receives the signals from your router and then re-transmits them. The Asus Wireless Range Extender works just like all other wireless repeaters. Keep in mind to keep your range extender in a place somewhere that has at least a decent Wi-Fi signal so that it can main your wireless router. This is to make sure that your retransmitted wireless network has a good uplink to your main wireless router.

Logging into the Asus Repeater

The Asus is the most recommendable brand when it comes to Router and Extenders. This is the only brand whose routers and extenders give a very high-speed internet connection without any trouble. However being an electronic device, you might face times when you are unable to get your Extender connected or your Wi-Fi connection starts loosing. Repeater.asus.com admin is an online website that allows the user to login to their Asus Extender Account. You need to use the default username and password to log in. http://repeater.asus.com not working could be resolved by logging in to the webpage using the default IP address If you still fail to access the webpage of Asus Extender, you can then contact the customer support team of Asus by calling their number. Their team of professional technicians will assist you with the process and help you troubleshoot your problem.

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