Playing online games after extender setup via Ap setup

Online gaming has become one of the most popular pass times all over the world. We have seen so many games blow up over a period of days thanks to online game streamers. While you play your games  online on your personal computer or your mobile device you wouldn’t want a lot of network issues to hinder your gaming experience. To avoid that you would need a very stable and powerful internet connection with a good range. Among us is a game that recently blew up in elephantine proportions out of nowhere. More than half of the population playing the game is on a mobile device.

This basically means that you might have the tendency to move around and also change your position while playing. This would automatically lead to a problem with the range on your wireless device. Thanks to technology we have range extenders that allow us to increase the range on our wifi router in very proportions. Let us see how you can set one up for yourself.

What is Ap.setup

The ap.setup portal is where you can easily set up your wifi extender and then easily place it wherever it is needed to be in a convenient fashion. All you would need to do is to find yourself an extender and then plug it into a power source which is pertaining to the fact that most of the extenders are plug and play devices. After your device is turned on you can connect it to your setup device with a wired or wireless connection.

After you have established a connection with your setup device simply go the browser and log in to the setup page. You could use the wifi repeater setup to reach the login page. Here all you need to do is follow the website UI and simply type in the information about your wifi router like its SSID and password so that the extender will be able to get connected to the router. After this all you will need to do is to connect your extender in a place where you wanted the range to be extended to.

You could also type in http://ap.setup to get onto the setup page. Apart from setting up your extender the setup page can also be used to change the setting on both your extender as well as your router. It may also be used to check for statistics of internet usage or to even setup any kinds of restrictions on selected devices. You may also use to restart or reset your device. Last but not the least, youcan also use it to install the firmware updates of your extender.

Resetting the device and firmware updates

You may reset the device manually by simply pressing the reset button on the device. This will bring it back to its factory settings and then you will be able to reprogram it again as you did for the first time. The same thing can also be done on the setup page where you will be able to find the reset to factory settings option. This will do the same job.

Coming down to firmware upgrades. These are regularly released by the manufacturer and need to be installed regularly for the smooth functioning of the extender. You can check for and download and install updates from the ap.setup page as said earlier.

Perks of having an extender

As the extender increases the range of your router, it is basically buffing its capacity. You will have a lot more range than before giving you more accessibility around your house. Linking it with the mobile gaming theme we could say that you will be able to find the comfortable spaces at your home with good internet connectivity.

You will be easily able to play better because of the quality of the connection. This will also stop your game from getting disconnected often due to the bad connectivity. You can essentially bid goodbye to wifi dead spots around your house due to the range being increased. Also, due to the extender being a plug and play device you can easily change its position and hence its range. Bring home and extender today and enjoy seamless connectivity

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