5 Key Challenges and Solutions for WFH and Remote Employees

Solutions for WFH and Remote Employees

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many individuals are working from home. For some, the WFH regime is quite manageable but for some, it is not. It is difficult to adhere to a WFH regime especially during the first few days. So, if you’re a newly-turned remote employee then this blog is for you! Read on below to address challenges you will encounter as you work from home!

Technological Inadequacy

While working from the office one rarely encounters an internet breakdown or power supply failure. However, while working from home, you may have to deal with such issues quite frequently. It is, therefore, wise to avail a good internet deal like Spectrum deals which I got as it allowed students free internet for two months. That was quite helpful for my younger siblings. So, check your local area for reliable ISPs and subscribe to packages that come with higher bandwidths. 

It is essential to check that you have good equipment to go along with the internet packages. A good router and modem will go a long way in ensuring that you have smooth, break-free internet. Also, make sure to ask your employer to compensate for any such costs. Chances are, they will have a work from home policy and you will get your expenses back. Because let’s face it, this is your employer’s duty first and foremost!

Troublesome Time Management

Some employees find it essentially difficult to work from home. If you have a child, chances are your spouse may ask you to take care of the toddler. However, work from home is a full workday. You can’t just leave your workstation and start tending to your little one. Sit down, take a deep breath, and have a discussion with your family members. Let them know you’re working full time even if you’re home. You can perform certain tasks but not all of them. So, at the beginning of the day, plan everything out with them and make a time table for different tasks. As the day progresses, make sure to take care of them one by one!

Too Workaholic 

Some people lose the track of time while they are working. Why is this so? Well, for starters, they want to please their manager by increasing their output. Such workers don’t want to lose their job by letting their performance suffer. And while their intention is a good and a wise one, it is definitely not the wisest approach here. Instead of hard work, go for smart work. Do work tirelessly when it is necessary and a deadline is approaching. On the other hand, when you can avail yourself a short break, go make yourself a juice. Maybe you can check your personal mail. You can also do some quick pushups. During a WFH regime, not everything has to revolve around work. Get your work done but do focus on your personal wellbeing as well. 

Problematic Communication

One huge problem for the new entrants in the world of WFH is communication. At home, you can easily meet a fellow colleague in the kitchen when you’re making coffee. You can also talk to the friendly colleague sitting next to you and get the answer to a problem. At home, things are going to be a little difficult at first. Simpler, if you alter your perspective. 

Things will be difficult since stuff that you’re used to won’t happen while you work from home. You can’t get up and go meet your manager in their office. But things can be simpler if you make full use of technology. Use Slack for having a team conversation about some problem you’re struggling with. You can also use Microsoft Teams to have a video call with your manager and get the answer to a query. It’s all up to you. Be a self-starter and you’ll become a WFH resource like a pro!

More Face Time

You’re working from home so your manager can’t really see you. This means that if you don’t register your good work yourself, it may remain unappreciated. If it’s a temporary WFH regime, make sure to join any team meetings, group dinners, or status meetings. If it’s due to the ongoing pandemic make sure to send daily reports to your manager. You can also opt for weekly reports. Make it a habit to be in touch with your manager every now and then so they can feel your presence. However, don’t be too invasive. Maintain a distance so they don’t feel overburdened by you. Play it smartly and you’ll be doing okay!

Working remotely or from home is actually quite a lot of fun. Just grab your laptop, relax on your couch, and do your work. I too love to work from the comfort of my bed - thanks to my friend who made me subscribe to one of the Spectrum Wi-Fi plans. You can do the same. Work remotely and have more fun! Plus, you will see that you can work better from home as compared to your office!

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